LandAmerica Design Center

Agent Training Guide designed for new Escrow agents. All duties included design, production and color correction to all photos.

San Diego City Services Directory.

A three piece package for Lighthouse Escrow; a sub division for LandAmerica. Package included a postcard, bio inserts, and a thank you card.

Under LandAmerica's branding guidelines, most of designs for any piece had to follow a certain criteria; that LandAmerica and it's underwriters had to be recognizable under the LandAmerica flag. Although, the underwriters had their own colors they were distinctly the same.

Although under strict branding standards, Seasonal pieces were usually an allowance in freedom to differentiate. As seen here in Daylight Savings.

These are examples when creativity outside of the corporate look is allowed. Although a certain amount of branding is kept.


A selection of Designs I created during my employment at the LandAmerica Design Center. LandAmerica was an Escrow/Real Estate company, therefore most of these designs have a more corporate and clean look.