Randy Caymo


Initially born in San Diego, CA but soon a Navy brat afterwards. Lived in Guam, some short stays in Philippines and Hawaii, then settled in Long Beach, CA for a year; then finally being raised in back to where I was born. But the ride did not end there and through the course of my life here I have lived in 11 different locations all over San Diego.


  • I offer a 6-year track record in web design
  • print production
  • photo color correction & manipulation
  • computer proficiency
  • a keen eye for detail
  • and the ability to follow through with projects from incept…


  • Proficient in HTML
  • CSS
  • and JavaScript
  • Web Design and FTP management. Proficient knowledge of Qua…
  • After Effects
  • and Premiere. Knowledge of computer components PC and Mac.